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Valery Feodorovich Andrus

Valery Feodorovich Andrus


The table of conversion of chemical elements by V. F. Andrus.


PRINCIPLES OF NEUTRON PHYSICS  Things came round historically as fundamental science progress is directly related to
experiments or some casual discovered phenomena. The observation of phenomena is in no way related to solar system, galaxies, the Universe, planetary and the Universe logos. Debates are still being conducted about logos with a deal of doubt whether they exist at all. Planetary logos are called either as God in one or as many Deities. Who are Gods? We are the gods after our deaths! A detailed description of it is in my book “People…”. Principles of neutron physics, neutron chemistry, and the Universe neutron theory were borne without any experiments by efforts of one man under the guidance of the Planetary logos – it contradicts all the courses of historical development, but such a will from on high. Why do I feel certain of it? I was shown many things from my life in a virtual cinema (it is in my books “Thoughts Aloud” and “People…”). In writing the books, a so-called automatic writing often happened. I received orders under a great volitional pressure to write a novel “People…” in my sleep and than I realized it. I am a doer, designated by nobody knows who, actualizing an unknown scenario. All people are being led on the planet Earth. With that, from there, Ukrainians are leading Ukrainians here; from there, Englishmen are leading Englishmen here and so forth. So there is a so-called national spirit, which is tribal, clannish, and communal. There is an intellectual life all over the Universe and in many places it is more developed than in our place. UFOs and “Deities” have been present on the Earth from the earliest times. They come into contact with the Planetary logos. In the Universe, all things develop under the same principles and everywhere, human beings have the greatest intellect but no lizards or spiders.

  The modern fundamental sciences developed under the certain scenario from there, but evidently something went wrong and instead of an evolutionary way, revolution was offered again. But if you remember Giordano Bruno, Galileo everything seems to look standard. In the present textbook, there will be mainly treated questions, which are sharply different from the contemporary conceptualization of the fundamental sciences. Scientists’ pride led them the wrong way to be declared universally acknowledged truths. So they proclaimed they had studied electron and photon accurate to a thousandth of a percent (“For that period very accurate tests of quantum electrodynamics were conducted. It was shown that the theory describes phenomena more accurately than a thousandth of a percent. So we can state there is nothing unexplainable in the field of electron and photon interaction. Electromagnetic interaction is completely comprehensible, not only within classical physics but with allowance for quantum effects.” /p.120 G. Fritsh “ABC of Our World”, trans. from German, Moscow, Energoatomizdat, 1985, 208 p.)

  Neutron physics will show there are not electrons and photons in nature. Well, I declare a fundamental truth! “One fool praises another”. Nuclear researches are very expensive and there are very few centers for such purposes. Hence, there is a lie to get as much funds as possible for one’s own happy life. The above stated will be exposed to the bitterest criticism – it’s a struggle and that’s all right. The main thing – another way to the truth will be shown here: not only from the special to the general, but from the general to the special and that proved to be more fruitful.

Throw doubt upon everything!

Terms and definitions

The Physical field. The Particle. Neutrino. Neutron
The Absolute emptiness I - γξ parallel world. The Physical vacuum. Temperature
A Chemical Element
A Total Mass of the Body
A Gravitational Time
Solid State of the Isotope. A Crystalline Solid
Neutron (Nuclear) Forces
Energy. Work. Force. A Magnetic Field
A Gravitational Field
A Permanent Magnet
Electrostatic (Magnetic) Force
A Magnetic Field of the (Hollow) Earth
Absolute Coordinates of the Given Star System
Neutron (Nuclear) Properties of the Chemical Elements and Isotopes
Chemical Bonds
A Table of the Elements

Essentials of Neutron Astrophysics

Version of the Universe Formation
Planets and Satellites

Work, Power, and Energy

Work of Force Directed at an Angle with the Movement
Connection Power with Motion Velocity
Work of the Weight while Lowering the Body
Potential Energy of the Lifted Body
Kinetic Energy
Transition of Kinetic Energy into Potential One and Inversely
Difference in the Energy and Work Notions
Energy Transfer from One System to Another
Law of Transformation and Conservation of Energy
Mass and Energy
Possibility of Making a Perpetual Motion


Nature of Light
Light Sources
Rays of Light
The Velocity of Light
The Light Flux
Regular, and Diffuse Reflection of Light
The Light Reflection Laws
A Flat Mirror
Concave, and Convex Mirrors
Connections between Reflection and Refraction
The Light Refraction Laws
The Total Light Reflection
Scattering Light in Heterogeneous Mediums
A Plane-Parallel Plate
A Prism
An Arrangement of an Eye
Duration of The Vision Conservation
Interference of Light
Diffraction of Light
A Diffraction Grating
Polarization of Light
White Light Spectrum
Combining Colour Rays
Dispersion of Light
Chemical Action of Light